Useful Gift Ideas from Mario Armstrong

It happens every year: you give and receive holiday gifts that are rarely, if ever used.  This holiday season, consumers are looking for gifts that ring true with their lifestyles; that are fabulous, practical and have all the tech bells and whistles. 

Marios Tech the Hall Holiday Gift Picks:
-          The latest in touchscreen apps and desktop productivity
-          Breakthrough wireless speakers for awesome sound
-          A gift card that offers access to star-studded events and other exclusive experiences
-          A razor that has an edge - and a real feel for your skin

Mario Armstrong, Emmy Award Winner, Digital Lifestyle Trends and Technology Commentator, has made it his mission to better peoples lives through technology. On his blog and in his commentary Mario is known for his ability to bridge the gap between tech enthusiasts and those less technologically savvy. Because of his unique ability to simplify technology, Mario has made a name for himself as the go to commentator for many national TV and radio shows when they need an expert to translate a new technology or trend.

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