Trying Different Parenting Techniques

Every child is unique and responds to parenting differently, and that's why we ask Belinda Palacios of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch for a variety of parenting tips.

Parenting Tips to Remember:
- There are no quick fixes.

- Every child and teen is unique-- there's no formula to fixing problems because kids respond differently to different things.

- All teens will struggle and make mistakes at some point.

- Some parents might need to hang in there much longer than others-- it could take months or years to resolve. 

- Parents can feel battered, worn down, devastated, embarrassed and unprepared for life's more serious struggles which take longer to resolve.

- When teens are spinning out of control, parents might also need assistance in support and guidance with new and improved coping skills.

- Parents don't need to feel like failures. They need to be prepared the long haul for certain issues (mental health, substance abuse, delinquent behavior, legal involvement). Be prepared to spend time, money and energy to get your child back on track-- it won't happen automatically. 

- Reach out for help sooner than later. When issues start to arise, such as a behavior pattern or potential issues for impacting the child's future, seek help rather than putting it off and waiting for something serious to occur.  

Parenting Challenge: Be mindful of what is going on with teens. Be observant and seek out help to address a much smaller problem instead of waiting for the latter.  

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