Tri-State Fair Tuesday: Fair Food

It's a staple at every county fair- from the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs to the chocolate covered bacon, you can find almost any food fried or dipped in chocolate on the midway. 

From Momma Lu's Concessions:
Momma Lu's Concessions - not your everyday carnies. John retired after 22 years in the Navy followed by 16 years at Pantex. Now, you can find John making corndogs and cheese on-a-stick. It's a dream come true after working at pool house at age 15 and cooking burgers and hotdogs. His wife & partner, Luann, is a Nurse Practitioner of 24 years in women's health. She never dreamt of making corndogs, but she's having a good time with the customers!

It's the 6th year for the husband and wife duo to participate at Tri-State Fair. Their specialty is the jalapeno-cheddar Sausage corndogs and jalapeno cheese on-a-stick. They recently introduced chocolate covered bacon, but the bigger seller was the fabulous chocolate covered cheesecake!

This year, their signature items are sliders and chocolate covered cheesecake. They also have bottled soft drinks, coffee, hot chocolate and hot apple cider by the cup.

Momma Lus Concessions will be open for lunch Monday through Friday for those folks that can escape and get in for free during lunch!

It might be hard to believe, but their prices will remain the same as last year for their signature items. Get out and enjoy!

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