Todd Reed Trunk Show Tomorrow at Jo Latham Fine Jewelry

Todd Reed Trunk Show
- Tomorrow
- 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
- Inside Et Cetera

Jo Latham Fine Jewelry
- 2610 Wolflin Village
- Inside Et Cetera
- 806.358.2333

About Todd Reed:


In 1992, Reed launched a collection under his own name and set out to change the future of the fine jewelry industry by designing solely with raw, uncut diamonds and recycled metals. Twenty years later, his raw diamonds are still considered to be among the most revolutionary design steps that the jewelry industry has taken. Reed's collection continues to grow and evolve, as does his interest in and relationship with the material.

"I source ethically mined and socially responsible diamonds throughout the world. This has been a personal ethic for more than a decade before the phrase conflict free diamonds entered the public awareness."

In recent years, he has expanded upon his original raw cube designs with a collection of naturally colored diamonds fashioned into antique rose and old mine cuts. Through his collection's evolution, one thing that Todd does not abandon is his dedication to the creation of are in every piece he designs. By contrasting unique materials and concepts, a wearable and accessible work of art emerges. In his designs, Todd pays homage to nature's stunning, humbling creativity. Nature creates something so absolutely perfect, so beautiful, that it takes your breath away. Even the imperfections are essential to its overall wonder. With this belief as his foundation, he respects that neither gold nor diamonds require human intervention to be beautiful. Beyond the material value of the diamond, Todd sees much more potential in each stone.

"Diamonds have always had the undeniable association with wealth and status, it seems that they have become more about commerce and less about the jeweler's craft or their beauty in their natural form. I believe that the most perfect cut is still an uncut."

Often used to compliment or highlight the stunning beauty of the raw diamond, brilliant and radiant cuts have also found their place in his collection.

"It's all about the material and how we can show it in its most intriguing light."

All of Reed's pieces are hand fabricated and finished in 18k gold, palladium, platinum, and silver at his Pearl Street studio by a team of exceptional goldsmiths working under Todd's guidance. Although Todd's primary focus now is to continually create new designs and manage the business, he still finds time to set aside to work at his bench.

"I frequently come in to the studio at night after the chaos dies down just to open the newest parcel of stones and imagine what I will create with them," says Reed.

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