Tips on Getting a Great Instagram Photo

- There's no doubt Instagram is quickly becoming the most entertaining social media outlet, at least in our opinions.  From selfies to the photos of what you're eating, you can get an inside look at a person's day just by looking at his or her pics.  However, there's a difference between a good Instagram and a bad one.  Amanda and Elizabeth of Adair Photography are here to help us populate our pages with perfect photos.
- We suggest using your camera on your iPhone or android phone to take your photos, then use an app like, our favorite, SnapSeed.  You can directly export from app to Instagram. 
- Look for good light! Keep sun behind subjects or stay in shade.  Do not use direct harsh light on subjects.

- Focusing- You have an option on your phone for auto focus, tap the screen to focus on subject.

- Zooming - we suggest zooming with your, feet not the zoom slider on your phone as this will reduce the quality of the photo!

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