Throw the Party of the Summer

Bob Guiney, the Bachelor and Party Host Extraordinaire, Shows How to get the Party Started

Bob talks about setting the right mood depending on whether you're having an intimate gathering with close friends and/or a significant other, or throwing a party for 50 of your closest friends. Bob addresses ambiance including music and decor and he'll make easy but fun food and drink recommendations that let you spend more time with your guests.  

Bob Discusses:
- A grilling thermometer that sends an alert to your iPhone while you mingle letting you maximize your time with guests, you're not chained to the grill.

- A device that attaches to your warm can of soda, spins it in ice, and voila, its cold and it doesn't explode when you open it.

Bob Guiney appears on a panel of guys every other week on the Today Show in a fun segment about guys takes on relationships. That sprung from his time on The Bachelor and to this day hes instantly recognized on the street from that show. He can be seen hosting Showhouse Showdown on HGTV where he kicked-off their spring line-up. He also served as the host for TLC's Date My House.  

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