The Hunt for the Triple Crown: Steven Mancine of Saddle Brook Jockey Club Talks Belmont Stakes

After dominant wins in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, California Chrome is now the latest horse to have a chance at the Triple Crown this weekend in New York. Steven Mancine from Saddle Brook Jockey Club shares his knowledge on the race.

In the last 114 years less than two dozen horses have been in a position to earn horse racing's biggest honor, and it hasn't happened in more than three decades.

California Chrome going for the first Triple Crown in 36 years. It's a major sporting event that's not just about betting. 

Saddle Brook Jockey Club is happy to host the event for local enthusiasts. This could be a once in a lifetime  opportunity to be enjoyed in a festival type of atmosphere at SBJC. The race itself will be a test of equine athleticism. Although California Chrome will be heavily favored to win, he will have lots of competition -- Ride on Curlin, Tonalist, General A-Rod and more. SBJC will be giving out a welcome package including door prizes, handicapping information and other goodies.

The Belmont Stakes airs tomorrow, Saturday June 7th,  4 p.m. Eastern Time on NBC Sports.

Saddle Brook Jockey Club
4332 SW 45th Ave
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