The Benefits of Baby Massage

- There's a new spa in Houston that  is now catering to babies.  So when the stress of being an infant gets to be too much, the baby spa steps in.  Amarillo might not have a baby spa, but licensed professional counselors Jennifer Fanelii and Chelsea Marrow say baby massage is easy enough to do at home.

They say infant massage promotes bonding between caregiver and child.  It can also provided relaxation, regulation and stimulation.  They add that infant massage engages the baby's mind, improves sensory awareness and is stimulating as well as relaxing. 

For those interested in learning the entire sequence of massage, Chelsea Morrow is a certified infant massage instructor and can be contacted at 806-371-3008.
Benefits of learning the entire sequence include relief from teething, pain management, congestion, gas  and colic.

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