Texas Associtaion of Sports Officials Needed

TASO Wants You:

High School & Jr. High Football Official


$100 - $250 per wk*
*Amount varies pending number of games worked and willing to work.

What is Required of You?
· Love for the game of football
· Desire to learn how to officiate the game through training and mentors

Required Uniform & Equipment:

Uniform - Football black pants, officials shirt & hat, black belt, black shoes.

Equipment - Whistle & lanyard, bean bag, down indicator.

Estimated one-time costs for the above: $200

Note: The above list of the uniform and equipment are the basic items required and the costs are estimated.  Actual costs may vary depending on the quality and quantity of products purchased.  Additional items such as specified shorts, watch, gloves, etc. may be utilized but not required.

Referee Store Outlets to View:

When Does it Start?
Football season starts in August - Training starts NOW!

Spring Scrimmages begin in May

Jr. High & JV Games: Monday thru Thursday with games starting between 4:00-5:00PM

Varsity Games:  Friday games starting at 7:00PM

Weekly meetings from July - Nov.

Who Does TASO Cover?
The entire Texas Panhandle

Contact one of the following to discuss further:

Mark Vogler, President

Richard Simmons, Vice-President

Wayne Bernier, Secretary


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