Teens and Depression

With the recent news about Robin Williams' depression, dealing with the disease is making headlines. Today, Belinda Palacios has some signs to look out for-- particularly when we're talking about teens.

Getting the blues and being sad is different from clinical depression. Depression is fueled by brain chemistry; it creates unclear thinking and cognitive distortions of hopelessness, feeling alone and feeling like there's no way out. It can be situational or episodic. 20% of teens experience depression by adulthood.

All those depressed not suicidal but all those suicidal are depressed. Boys are less likely than girls to seek help.

Celebrities with depression; Robin Williams, Rick Springfield, Sheryl Crow and Ashley Judd to name a few. 

Risk Factors 
- Previous Depressive Episode
- Trauma
- Family History

Symptoms of Depression
- Withdrawl
- Small Social Circle
- Trouble at School
- Risky Behavior
- Irritable & Aggressive
- Change in Sleep & Eating
If untreated, depression is the number one cause of suicide, and the 3rd leading cause of death in teens. 

Depression can be treated.  

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