Teachers and Technology: Connecting the Classroom and Home

What defines a good teacher? Strict disciplinarian or one who encourages and engages with the students on arriving to the correct answer without discouraging the learning process? How can parents learn from the teacher and use the same learning tools at home? Technology in the classroom is also providing amazing opportunities, helping to build better classrooms and strong teachers in schools across the US. Whether talking about communication, collaboration, problem solving or global awareness, new technologies have the power to improve all of these elements to enhance the learning environment.

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"Some of the best conversations I've had are where the parent starts out, I know my daughter, and I know shes likely struggling here. What can we do about it?" he says.

"To have a parent come in and say, 'My child really responds to this, this doesn't work for them, and they're really interested in this'- that's gold for a teacher," says McComb.

"A conference where I have to defend every point taken off of an essay- that's not something I look forward to," says McComb. "But if I can turn that conference into [showing] how we can work together, that's really powerful."

McComb recommends a free texting app called Remind that allows teachers, students, and parents to communicate without having to share personal cell phone numbers.

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