Teacher on the Month: Mandy Childers

Kindergarten is a time when learning is a crucial element in a child's life and one teacher at Western Plateau Elementary School understands just that. 

Mrs. Childers has always had a caring heart, even before she got into education. 

"I worked at the hospital for 10 years prior to and I thought that I wanted to be a RN and I really liked doing that, but in my heart I just wanted to be with the kids and to teach them."

She traded her medical career for one that's rewarded her day in and day out.

"I like coming to school everyday and trying to make a difference in somebody's life. I love these kids. I teach kindergarten and it's my passion. These kids come in and you see so much growth in them and it just shows you man, I can do so much and I just love seeing them grow and be apart of their life."
"They are just like my own kids and look forward everyday coming up here and just watching them grow and learn and be successful in their learning. I love it. It's the best thing for me."

Mrs. Childers, a real one of a kind teacher, that goes above and beyond when it comes to seeing her class succeed. 

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