Talking to Teens about Synthetic Drugs

Even though some synthetic drugs have been deemed as legal, there are still many dangers if used and especially if they fall into the hands of a teenager. Parenting expert, Belinda Palacios shares some of the dangers of drug use, and how to talk to your teenager about them.

Types of Synthetic Drugs:
- Cannaboids
- K2
- Spice
- Psychoactive Stimulants
- Bath Salts
- Blue Silk
- Stardust
- Vanilla Sky

Most of them can be smoked or snorted; some can be injected.

The drugs contain dangerous chemicals. The number of ER visits have risen notably in the last couple of years due to these substances. 

Some of the dangers they cause are:
- Psychotic reactions / paranoid delusions
- Agitation/ anxiety
- Heart palpitations
- Significant lack of judgment (running into traffic, criminal offences, suicide)
- Death has occurred due to related cardiac arrest, stroke, seizures, hypothermia and multiple organ failure. Many of the cases have been misdiagnosed in the ER due to lack of honesty regarding the use of the drugs.  

Synthetic drugs are easily accessible and legal; therefore, kids tend to believe these are safe and an alternative to illegal drug use. 

Scare tactics usually don't work (you will die) when talking to teenagers. Do talk to you kids and educate them regarding the harmful effects along with staying drug free overall. 

Parenting Challenge: Educate yourself regarding these drugs. Know what they are, street names and what they look like. If drug use is suspected, find evidence address immediately. 

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