Summer Parties and Teens: How to Parent Through This Season

- With high school kids, graduation season and summer make for reasons to party, and all too frequently, parties mean alcohol availability.   It's important for parents to remember that laws in some states apply legal responsibility to parents when underage kids drinking occurs on their property regardless if they are aware of it or not.

Parents should also be aware of the many ways teens are sneaking alcohol.  Things like:

- Tampon Booze Tubes (sold at Urban Outfitters)

- Fake sunscreen bottles

- Bobbie Bags (houses 4 oz)

- Peers sneaking things through windows/ doors/ etc.

During this phase, parents should continue to emphasize values, rules and consequences.  Sit down with kids and discuss alcohol consumption before the situation rears it head; start early and often.  Look for conversation starters about alcohol.  Turn to collateral resources; have a network of parents that is invested in keeping kids safe.
Model appropriate behavior.  Perceived monitoring is very effective; let them know you are on to them and checking the premises.

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