Summer Drinks from Palace Coffee Company

Now that weather's warm, it's time to set aside your hot thermal mug of coffee and give an icy drink a try. 

Located in a cozy corner of Canyon, Texas, Palace Coffee Company is one of the top 10 coffee shops in the nation according to USA Today, and placed second in America's Best Coffeehouse Competition last year and took home first this year. We decided to put their mixology talents to the test with a few refreshing summer drinks.

alace loves people. We love having people come in here. We love building community and a community around coffee." Brittany Busch is a manager of Palace Coffee and our barista for today.

e got a cold brew. We have limeades, and we have cream sodas," Brittany says. 

For those of you who want something cold and refreshing, minus the caffeine, try one of their limeades.

Brittany says, "We got our lime juice--now we're going to add our strawberry syrup. We have raspberry, orange and lime as well. That is a strawberry limeade."

Looking for a smooth, refreshing drink with a kick? Pick up one of their cold brews before you hit some of the shops on the square.

"This is our cold brew concentrate. This is almost like iced espresso. It's that strong. I'm going ot cut it with a little bit of our water. Cold brew is going to drink a lot like an iced tea," explains Brittany.

If you want something more on the traditional side, try an iced espresso. 

"I'm pulling a shot for an iced espresso. I put a little vanilla in there. It's not going to over power the taste of our espresso, but it's still going to give you a little sweetness if you don't want to do straight coffee. There's an iced vanilla latte."

Locally roasted and brewed coffee served up in a chilled glass-- Palace Coffee offers something for all its customers looking to cool down.

Brittany says, "Come check us out. We'd love to have you." 

This summer they're also offering a "mocktail" that tastes like chocolate, even though it's not made with any. They're also opening an Amarillo location June 9th, but for now you can find these great drinks in Canyon.

Palace Coffee Company has also been honored as America's Best Coffeehouse at the Coffeefest in St. Louis.

Palace Coffee Company
420 15th St, Canyon
(806) 476-0111 

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