Study Says: Strong Relationships at School Lead to Long Term Success


Having positive and close relationships with a teacher, a coach or a counselor at school is a strong prediction for finishing a grade and earning a diploma. 

Help your child connect in positive ways at school and after school with peers and adults.

Mary Clare's Tips for the Kids:
- Learn friendly greetings. 
- Learn how to join in group play or projects.
- Teach them how to make a situation better. 
- Teach them how to befriend the even someone who doesn't seem to fit in. 
- Teach them how to say respectful things to teachers even if it is talking about a problem. 

Mary Clare's Tips for Parents:
- Parents can make friends, too. 
- Learn how to be friendly and helpful via email or text. 
- Share things that the teacher might find helpful. 
- Be a good listener. 
- Volunteer even if it is only done at home and sent back to school. 

Be positive about the future.  A good attitude attracts friendly people and helps everyone stay connected until graduation. 

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