St. Patrick's Day Party Drinks

Sour Irishman 
- Jameson
- Midori
- Lime Sour
- Sprite

Irish Kiss
- Bushmills
- Peach Schnapps
- Ginger Ale
- OJ

Irish Red Ale
Irish Red Ale is a bit sweet, with a lightly hopped tea-like flavor, and an even dextrinous body. Irish Red Ales are easy to please. Look for well-rounded and blanced flavors, and a pleasant toasted malt character in many examples. A drying finish is common.

Killian's Irish Red
Killian's Irish Red is deep ruby red in color with a dense off-white foam.

Aroma: roasted and toasted caramel characteristics with ale-like fruit esters.

Taste: toasted and roasted caramel malt introduction with nice bready characteristics.

Mouth Feel: full-bodied with medium carbonation.

Finish: well-balanced with slight lingering citrus rind and subtle sweetness.

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