Spring Out of Your Winter Wardrobe

Add a Little Color
- Sweater- by Mystere, $102 
- Pants- by 7 for all Mankind, $178
- Scarf by Tolani, $98 
- Necklace by Virgins, Saints, and Angels,  $228 

The first outift is all about dressing some of those winter sweaters with spring colors. It's a grey sweater with Tiffany blue pants and a bright scarf. You can wear a sweater without it looking wintery, and by pairing the scarf it brightens up the whole outfit. 

Colored denim is still really popular for spring, just not as bright as what it has been in the past. Also, Raffkind's has jewelry from Virgin, Saints, and Angels that has a ton of stones and colors, plus a vintage bohemian style. 

Dress it Up
- Dress by Lavender Brown, $198
- Belt by ADA, $89 
- Necklace by Marcia Moran, $138
- Purse by Vince Camuto, $ 258

The second look is a leopard printed knee length dress. The dress is belted with a wrap belt and paired with a Druzy necklace. Wearing dresses have always been a go to item. They're easy and you don't have to think much when wearing them. From transitioning out of winter, this can be worn with a blazer or a bright colored jacket. This style can even be worn with a riding boot or a spring shoe. 

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