Spring Cleaning Tips from The Home Depot

- It is the first official day of spring, so the Home Depot's Mark Cruz has  some products to make your spring cleaning easier!

Mark's Cleaning Tips
- When you're spring cleaning, make your life easier with small changes.
- Keep cleaning solutions on hand and in the appropriate room-it'll help you tackle grime, germs and mold as they happen.
- Throughout the year, Americans spend about hours 208 hours cleaning. Cut down on cleaning time this spring by using time-saving new products and efficient techniques.

STEP ONE: Clean In Spurts

- To lift off dust on pleated shades and mini-blinds, wipe a new paintbrush over the slats vertically, then horizontally.
- Start at the top. Microfibers cloths like Swiffer works best for dusting. Dust top to bottom, as dust will fall as youre cleaning.
- Lint rollers clean dusty lampshades.
- Dryer sheets clean computer and TV screens because they zap static electricity.
- Spend less time scrubbing hard water deposits with chemical-free Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle.
- Deep clean the shower without scrubbing. Let Magic Shower & Glass soak for a few minutes and come back to gently remove the cleaner.
Finishing touches (demo: bring a dirty light switch plate or piece of baseboard to demo how easily it cleans)
- The HDX Magic Eraser is the solution for the cleaning details that always seem annoying: wiping scuffs off the baseboards, the light switch plates and shining up faucets and fixtures. Get it wet and start wiping.
- Most sofas and upholstered cushions can be unzipped. Take out the pillow inserts before washing and read the manufacturers label. Most fabrics can be washed in your washing machine with your everyday products like Gain and Method.

STEP TWO: Store in Style

Remove the clutter:  Before diving into spring cleaning, clear surfaces and make room for a deep cleaning.
Bins and other storage
- An affordable solution for organizing and putting away items that you want to keep but dont use frequently.
- Consider installing a shelving unit like this from Martha Stewart Living to create space for items you do not use on a daily basis.
- Think critically about your space items like the Martha Stewart Living White Stackable 6-Cube Organizer with Fabric Drawers, closet solutions and tool storage that can be multi-functional.

STEP THREE: Clean up the Outdoors

Outdoor furniture and grills
Throughout the year, outdoor furniture collects dirt and grime. Before the BBQs and pool parties start, refresh tabletops and grills with the Wipe New Home Restorer, a water-activated micro-scrubber.
Refresh the deck:
After winter weather, decks can look tired. If you don't want to rebuild, you can refresh the wood with Simple Green Pro HD 2.5 gallon Bag-in-Box Cleaner.
Out with the old dirt:
Remove and discard any old potting soil from planters and clean the insides with a solution containing one part bleach to 9 parts water such as HDX Outdoor Bleach to kill any insects or bacteria that may have over wintered in the pots. Fill with fresh potting soil and put in new plants.

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