Smart Homes Save Money

Remember refrigerators that sent email and washer/dryers that played music? It used to be that some smart homes were, well, kind of dumb, and they were very expensive. Not anymore.

Smart homes and apartments can be set up for a fraction of what they used to cost and with the soaring price of energy, they can save us money. They can also lessen our carbon footprint, make us more secure, save time and of course, entertain us with TV, movies, the Internet and music, all around our homes and all with the touch of a button or the swipe of a tablet.  In some cases, these smart homes will even learn our habits and program themselves for us. In general, today's smart homes make the living easy. 

About Bob Guiney:  Bob can be seen hosting Showhouse Showdown on HGTV where he kicked-off their spring line-up. He also served as the host for TLC's Date My House.  For the previous 2 ½ years, he hosted the Game Show Networks GSN LIVE, a daily live show combining talk, sketches and games and he makes regular appearances on The Today Show and the View.

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