Sibling Relationship Advice from Belinda Palacios

The relationship between siblings is a special one -- it can also be a very trying one. Belinda Palacios has some advice when it comes to raising kids that like each other. 

This can be an interesting time when siblings are close in age. The younger sibling will emulate the older sibling. They might even be involved in the same activities and have the same friends which means, little time is spent away from one another. One of them might make a sports team or be invited to an event and the other sibling might not, which could result in hurt feelings and resentment. 

The older sibling needs to understand they are a role model of the younger one. They might act out by using drugs and alcohol or interacting with the opposite sex. 

Encouraging & Supporting Kids
1. Be a Teacher
        - These situations can be learning opportunities for all.
Managing disappointment is a valuable skill

2. Be a Counselor
        - Talk to each child individually about what is going on and their feelings surrounding it.
Help each child to see their sibling's side of things.

3. Be a Coach
        - Remind each kid that they are family.
Support each other through the good and hard times.
Help kids develop skills of congratulating each other and apologizing if needed.

This Week's Parenting Challenge:
If tension is occurring, get to root of the problem and develop a plan of resolution with the kids. The quicker it is addressed, the easier it is to resolve. Do not allow time for bad feelings to fester. 

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