Save Money on Your Tax Return

Tax Tips:
- Be sure to gather all the necessary information such as tax documents and social security numbers to ensure your taxes are done right.

- Forgetting important tax credits/deductions - Making sure you maximize your credits and deductions for the year so you get back every dollar you deserve.

- Paying someone to do your taxes - 2/3 of taxpayers have a simple return and the biggest mistake is paying someone hundreds of dollars when they can easily do their taxes online for free.
- Sending in your taxes by mail - E-file is a safe and secure way to get your biggest possible refund back fast.

- Don't procrastinate - Don't procrastinate and file your taxes now! 80% of taxpayers get a tax refund and lasts year average refund was almost $3000. File now to get that money back in your pocket.

- In addition to the content of the interview segment, a list of free resources and tax tips - can be made available to place on your stations Web site to provide your viewers with information on free tax preparation options.

Lisa Lewis, CPA at TurboTax, has over 15 years experience in tax preparation.  Lisa is passionate about helping people get all of the tax deductions and credits they deserve so they can keep more of their hard-earned money.  Because of her extensive tax knowledge, Lisa has contributed tax articles to local, national, and online publications, including US News & World Report, Huffington Post, and Christian Science Monitor.

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