Process Art House Presents Art of the New West

The Art of the New West is the presentation of a traditional idea in a contemporary context. Western art has many meanings. In one sense, it describes European and American art as opposed to art from other global regions. But in the American context, the notions of western art also point to ideas of manifest destiny and the westward expansion of the United States. It describes the proverbial Old West with its quintessential cowboys, Indians, and harsh landscapes. These ideas of the west and western-ness continue to press upon artists living and working in our area, as they explore themes of space and place, time and distance, borders and gateways, networks and resources, fantasies and failures. This show seeks to capture the west as both traditional and progressive, as both past and present.  

Art of the New West

- October 11th at Process Art House
- October 17th at WTAMU

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