Preparing Your Kids for College

From Belinda Palacios of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch:

Campus sexual assault is on the rise. The majority of the cases are male against female crime; however, it can happen with female against male, female against female and male against male. 

One in 5 college women report some sort of sexual assault while in college. 75% occurs when victim and/or assailant have been binge drinking. 

Binge drinking is a huge part of this problem; kids may be experiencing drinking for the first time. Judgment becomes impaired, decrease of inhibitions and some scenes can turn to mob mentality.  

A large part of sexual assaults occur when the victim is passed out from drinking.  

Peers of assailant may be present and sometimes involved.

Teens may be goaded on buy others to drink/engage in sexual behavior. This may result in pictures or video being taken.

Kids moving into the college chapter of their lives need to be aware of the potential for them to become a victim and/or assailant.  

A large number of assailants are not kids who are troubled or had discipline issues in the past-- they are just typical kids.  

Also be aware of date rape. Before going out on a one-on-one date, get to know the person in a group setting first. Also, make sure roommates/friends know who you are with, where you are going and when to expect you back. 

Talk to your kids about what sexual assault is. Give them clear definitions. No always means no and if someone cannot function then they cannot provide consent. 

PARENTING CHALLENGE: Parents talk to your kids about these dangers and how to avoid them: no binge drinking, stay with your friends in party atmospheres, become accountable for your and your peer's behavior. If you witness behavior which would illicit a sexual assault (someone who is passed out, being taken away from group activities by a group, being followed into the restroom when visibly drunk/sick) step in to divert situation.  

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