Preparing your Furry Friends for a Zombie Attack

After all, the threat of the zombie take-over has even prompted a warning from the Center of Disease Control, so as October 31 approaches, it's time to make sure you (and the family pet) are prepared for such a disaster.
With Halloween just around the corner, this is the perfect time to put together a survival plan to ensure pets make it through the night with their brains in tact. To help pets and pet parents come out unscathed during this end of world scenario, Petco has listed their top tips:

Pet Survival Essentials:
oThe basics. Store things such as water, food (human food AND pet food), a flashlight and extra batteries, portable food and water bowls, pet medications, etc. in a Bison Pet Scamper Dog Pack so Fido can get out the door quickly with his survival kit in the event of an attack.

oTravel safe. For those frantically attempting to escape the zombie attacks via a vehicle, be sure to strap pets in safely to avoid injuries! Doggy seatbelts, car harnesses, crates, etc. are necessary to keep pets secure and harm-free during a bumpy ride.

oEscape in disguise. Help pets blend into the zombie crowd by dressing up in a Petco ghoul or skeleton costume. As the old adage goes, If you cant beat them, join them!

oStay physically fit and mentally alert. Only the strong and the smart will survive, so be sure to keep pets in top physical condition by exercising with them regularly and giving them food puzzles to keep them mentally sharp.

o Keep calm. Zombies can startle pets and instinct may tell them to run for their lives, but its important for pets and pet parents to stick together! When battling the zombies, keep a heavy-duty and reliable leash on hand. Also, to help cats and dogs stay calm, swaddle them in a Thundershirt, which will soothe them under stressful circumstances so they stay emotionally happy.

Most Bootiful of All Pets 

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