Prepare Your Children for the Holiday Season

Holiday Planning
- All of us are creatures of habit; for younger kids try to keep schedule for naps/bedtime/meal time as close to theirs as possible.  

- If traveling make sure have backpack of fun; IPad/IPod, movies, books, magazines, snacks. 

- Prepare kids for who will be at dinner; especially if there are family/friends who are unfamiliar.  Let them know who these folks are beforehand.  

- Safety; adults distracted.  Know where knives/cords are, use back burners of stove when little ones in kitchen, handles to pots facing the away from you. Choking; make sure food cut up well and watch for bones. Candles in safe places. 

Teens need to know the rules of the home they are going to; what they can and cannot do.  Give them a job if possible to help pass the time. 

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