Positive Parenting Tips

Published 12/10 2013 03:08PM

Updated 12/10 2013 05:08PM

When Kids Become Involved with Negative Peers
- 0-13: critical to help maintain their innocence.  Get to know their friends and their parents. Have more control over activities, where they go.

- 14-17: continue to know their friends and monitor what is going on but begin to back off. If concerns occur talk to them about what you see the problem is and potential consequences of the behavior.  If good relationship with friends' parents talk with them regarding concerns as well. 

- 18+: basically responsible for their own choices at this time. If living under your roof have to follow your rules. Let them know always there to talk and provide advice.

This Week's Parenting Challenge:
Meet your kids' friends and their parents.  Keep up with what is going on (where they go, times they are doing things, who will be there) and confirm this with other parents. 

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