Plemons-Eakle Neighborhood Historic Home Tour: The Turner House

It's time to take a trip down memory lane, or what's called the Plemons-Eakle National Historic District.

Melissa Dailey, homeowner, says, "This home was built in 1910. It was built by Mary and Avery Turner and Avery Turner was brought here to run the Sante Fe Railroad."

Melissa Dailey's currently the homeowner, but back when Amarillo was just a prairie and a rail-road, the Turners built what's now known as the Turner House, and lived in it until the 1950s. The house is one of four that's a Registered Texas Historic Landmark, and one in two on the National Register of Historic Homes.

Melissa says, "Architecturally it's a Dutch Colonial Revival Home which really doesn't exist here because it was based on Mary Turner's mother's home in New Jersey."

The home's had many owners since the Turners, but much of the original architecture remains in the five bedroom house.

Melissa says, "The original mantel is still here and the marble.

Over a century has passed and all of the original trim and mahogany doors remain in the house.

Melissa says, "The door is interesting too. We call it the Mr. Ed door, but you can open up the top part."

Many of the original light fixtures also remain including the gas lamps and the chandelier in the formal dining room.

Melissa says, "Back when they had butlers and maids-- it was a butler's pantry."

The kitchen's been re-done, but something old's been added to the new.

Melissa says, "We think it belongs to like a firebox where they used coal or firewood to heat the home, and it was in the basement."

Although the open porch off the main bedroom's been enclosed, there's still little pieces of history that surround the Turner home.

Melissa says, "We have the original tie-ups for the horses on the curb."

Plemons-Eakle Neighborhood
Historic Home Tour
- Sunday, September 7th
- 2 to 6 p.m.
- $15

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