Pharmacist Doug: Liver Recovery

Amarillo, Texas - From Pharmacist Doug:

How was your St Patrick's Day? Did you drink a little too much? Statistics say that more than likely you over did it. Pharmacist Doug wants to help you detox and recover your liver.

St. Patrick's Day is now the 4th most popular drinking holiday after New Year's, Christmas, and 4th of July. It ranks as one the highest Binge Drinking days in our culture.

 Let's talk about binge drinking for a minute. It is an interesting phenomenon. 80% of binge drinkers are not alcohol dependent, but binge drinking accounts for most of the deaths related to alcohol! Also, Binge drinking can cause a decrease in the ability to make good decisions. For example, sexually impulsive decisions, choosing to drink and drive, drug use, etc… Plus, some long term effects include brain damage, stroke, heart problems and liver damage.

While we usually think of college age people as the major group that partake in St. Patrick's festivities, 70% of binge drinking episodes involve adults 26 and older. Binge drinking is pretty destructive, but I want to talk about how we can support the liver if you over did it last Friday.

It is important to know that recovery starts with detox and healthy detox happens in two phases and you must support both phases. Start with eating a very good and bioavailable source of protein. 

Eggs are the absolute best, fish, liver and meat. Next, get some B vitamins in your body! Eggs again are a great source here, also, beets and liver. Then, you want to get minerals in your body. You can make your own Gatorade style water (juice from lemon or orange and a dash of sea salt or a liquid multi-mineral). I also encourage eating raw carrots because of the fiber and the beta carotene helps with detoxifying.

Eat eggs for both protein and B sources, as eggs are a great balance of protein, healthy fatty acids and B-Vitamins!

It is a great idea to add some supplements because binge drinking is so very destructive to the body. Supplements I recommend to help support the liver to recover are milk thistle, NAC (N-acetyl-Cysteine), garlic, dandelion root (yes, you can use the ones in your yard if you have not sprayed!!) and of course my all time favorite Turmeric (Curamed).

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