People Helping People: Angellica McCraw

- In KAMR NBC 4's on-going partnership with Suddenlink Communications called People Helping People, Jr., we're lucky to get to honor a special kid in our area who's working hard to make the Panhandle a better place.

Our winner this month saw a need and, instead of just thinking about helping, she took action.  As a result, she positively impacted the lives of many children at a local hospital.  Angellica McCraw is this month's nominee for People Helping People, Jr. 

Angellica's Nomination:
She is a junior and CHS. She is a tribe leader at our church. The Purple tribe she leads, decided to do service project. She organized a Raffle, got items donated, raised over $300. Then purchased stuffed animals at Kohl's to take to the hospital and give to the kids over Christmas. Her tribe went to the hospital and gave them out Christmas Eve to kids who were not going to be home for Christmas. We also found out buying the animals at Kohl's all the money she spent on them will be given back to the hospital because of the Kohl's cares program. The hospital told us it was a double donation. They were so excited to to give the kids the toys and the kids were so excited to see other kids and get something at a hard time in their life. The animals not given out that day were put in a room for kids that come into the hospital until they run out. It was a gift that double in value and kept giving after they left. They also couponed for shampoo and conditioner and other things parents need for staying up there and might forget because of the situation. They donated a lot of toiletry items they got for free. I am very proud of her.

To nominate a deserving student for People Helping People, Jr., click here.

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