Patsy's Place: A Transitional Home for Recovering Women

Patricia Ramirez, enrollee at Patsy's Place says, "I'm a recovering meth addict."

Chantell Hicks, Patsy's Place Graduate says, "I was in my addiction for about two and a half years.

Patricia says, "I was in my addiction and I cried out to the Lord, and I was in a dark place and I didn't know how to get out if it ."

Chantell says, "And I cried out to God to save me from me."

Patricia says, "And I just told him that if he knew how to help me get out of the situation I was all ears."

Patricia and Chantell sought out Patsy's Place after battling addiction and being incarcerated. Patsy's Place is a Christ centered 9 to 12 month transitional home in Amarillo.
Ersela Demerson, Program Director of Patsy's Place, says, "The program is divided into three phases that are four months long."

Patricia says, "It's encouraging that they don't look at what you've done, but how you are now and who they want you to become and that's an encouragement."

Patricia's still enrolled in the program, and Chantell's a graduate but still attends weekly classes.
Chantell says, "I've currently been employed for over a year. I've got my own apartment, own car and I get to see my kids every other weekend. God's good."

The home offers shelter, food and mentorship. The women attend classes focusing on life skills, financial planning and becoming a better you.

Ersela says, "Patsy's Place gives women a second chance. Sometimes it's more that a second chance but we give them the opportunity to rebuild and we offer them hope in several different forms."

Patsy's place not only helps formerly incarcerated women grow, but the volunteers that help transform these women.
Pamela Pandolfi, volunteer at Patsy's Place, says, "I tell my husband, if I can just save one, if I can just save one, that's good enough for me."

Chris lyles, volunteer at Patsy's Place, says, "I feel led to be at Patsy's Place. These ladies need encouragement. They need help. They need companionship. It's important I believe not just for them, but for me to know that we're valued."

Patricia says, "All the ladies and volunteers are so encouraging. They make you feel worth it. Even though you've messed up in life they show you that you can bounce back."

A mission of women helping women when they're in need of guidance, to seeing them get a second chance.
Patricia says, "I'm becoming someone that I wanted to be and that I didn't think I could. 

Chantell says, "They know where we've been and they know where God can take us if we're willing to go there."

Patricia says, "The first step is to surrender and know that you're not alone."

Chantell says, "They're willing to walk with us to get us there."

Race for Recovery 
- September 6th
- 8 a.m.
- $25 / $30 after Friday, August 15th
- Thompson Park

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