Parenting After Graduation

- Graduation brings a multitude of emotions for kids and parents alike.  It's important to remember as kids leave home for college, military or work, they need to continue to have connectivity to home.   

Remember to:
- Call and text regularly
- Don't immediately turn his/her bedroom into an office or workout room.
- Keep them informed of things going on in the family/ hometown as well as keeping them apprised of family events/ get togethers. 
- Advice is still needed.  Kids are still growing and learning.  Brains do not stop developing until around 24 years old. 
- Parents you can still parent.  Don't be afraid to weigh in; how it is done will be different due to age or developmental level
- When talking with kids who have moved out of the house, if things don't sound quite right ask questions. 

This is a transition and can be difficult.  Be an ear for your child to talk to about being lonely, unsure, etc.  You may have to dig, most kids will be hesitant to talk about these things.

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