Organizing Summer Schedules

Summer is here and that means vacations, camp and endless play dates fill family's schedules across the country. With so many commitments in such a short amount of time, it can be really hard for even the most organized families to keep track of everyone's comings and goings. Design expert, Emily Henderson is here to help! Emily offers some creative tips on how busy families can stay organized this summer season. After all, when everything is organized and easy to find, you can take those moments of time you spent searching to enjoy your family.

Some of her examples include:
· When it comes to shared family calendars, it's helpful to see everything in writing. Color-code your calendar with all of your family's commitments. Make it fun by assigning each family member a different color! 

· Put your pint-size Picassos artwork on display! Emily reveals how the proudest parents can show off and protect their kids artwork.

· Create a summer vacation folder of fun. Print out flight information, hotel confirmations, maps and itineraries and put them in a designated folder. This way, you'll have all your info in one place before hitting the road. 

· Look for home décor that is both aesthetically pleasing yet functional too! Items such as ottomans with hidden storage, decorative vertical shelving and discreet counter/ cabinet risers help maximize your space

Emily Henderson has styled with some the best interior/still life and food photographers in the world for the best shelter magazines, catalogs, and advertisements, including Martha Stewart, Elle Decor, InStyle, Domino, House Beautiful, Coastal Living, Target, and Anthropologie. In 2007 she moved to Los Angeles with her husband and auditioned for HGTVs DesignStar, happily taking home the crown. Six months later, she had her own TV show called Secrets From A Stylist where she analyzed the homeowners style through her patented style diagnostic and restyled their home to match their personality using vintage and affordable design. Emily currently has a design firm in Los Angeles and a daily style blog that reaches hundreds of thousands of design enthusiasts all over the globe. Shes a contributing editor for Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.  As a home style expert, Emily consults with brands, art direct photo shoots, and promote her brand and brands she love through social media channels. 

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