New York Times Bestselling Author Breaks Comic Strip World Record

Since the series launch, BIG NATE has more than 6 million books in print, over 10 million visits to, more than 90 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, and 25 foreign language licenses. Now, the series continues with BIG NATE: IN THE ZONE, and so far, things aren't going well for Nate. Gina is being her usual know-it-all self, Arthur and Jenny are going overboard with PDOs* (Public Displays of Obnoxiousness); worst of all, report cards were sent home. Then, miraculously, Nate's luck takes a turn for the better, and he's in the zone - his band gets to play in the school assembly, and he gets out of detention. He's never had a hot streak like this before. The question is:  How long will it last?
In celebration of the sixth novel in the BIG NATE series, BIG NATE: IN THE ZONE, New York Times bestselling author Lincoln Peirce embarked on a six-city national tour that culminated in an event breaking the world record for the longest comic strip by a team. 
Over the past 12 months, students from 100 schools in 30 states and 7 countries around the world have joined teachers, librarians and booksellers to help contribute to this record. The completed strip will span more than 1,000 panels.  It was unveiled today on Today.

Lincoln Peirce (pronounced purse) is a cartoonist/writer and New York Times bestselling author of the hilarious Big Nate book series. Peirce is also the creator of the comic strip Big Nate, which debuted in 1991 and appears in more than 300 newspapers worldwide and online daily at Big Nate is featured on the phenomenally popular website, where kids have logged onto the Big Nate Island 44.2 million times since Big Nate appeared on the Poptropica map in 2009. Lincolns boyhood idol was Charles Schulz of Peanuts fame, but his main inspiration for Big Nate has always been his own experience as a sixth grader. Just like Nate, Lincoln loves comics, ice hockey, and Cheez Doodles (and dislikes cats, figure skating, and egg salad). His Big Nate books have been featured on Good Morning America and in the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and the Washington Post. He has written for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, and enjoys visiting schools and speaking to students about cartooning and storytelling.  Lincoln Peirce grew up in Durham, New Hampshire and attended Colby College in Maine before moving to New York City to study at Brooklyn College.  After three years spent as a high school art teacher, he became a full-time cartoonist.  He and his wife live in Portland, Maine, and have two children. You can visit him online at, where Lincoln blogs twice a week.

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