Alpine skier Marco Sullivan has competed in the 2010 and 2002 Olympics. he likes listening tom Petty while skiing down a mountain.

Ice hockey forward Julie Chu went to Harvard University and majored in psychology. Her resume is quite extensive, including medaling in the 2010, 2006 and 2002 Olympics. She's the first member of the women's national team to win five world championships. Her favorite band is Matchbox 20, and she would be a teacher if she wasn't playing hockey. Julie's family motto is commitment, honor and unity- an acronym for her last name (Chu).

The cross country skier from Minnesota, Torin Kroos, has been on the Olympic team for 9 years and the son of the former US Biathlon Skier. The two-time Olympian started skiing growing up in Washington state. He's currently working in a Masters in communications at Westeminster College. If he wasn't skiing, he'd like to broker Washington state pears to market worldwide. He says when he travels he has to have Jimi Hendrix, AFI and Modest Mouse on his iPod.

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