New Music Tuesday: Loveless, GBV and Landes

This is the third album from Columbus, Ohio native, Lydia Loveless. Loveless expresses her troubles and regrets on Somewhere Else. The songs have a smooth, mellow-rock vibe, and the lyrics prove that she is truly a rocker at heart.

Motivational Jumpsuit is the fifth studio album from Guided by Voices since the band's reformation. They continue to mix garage-rock and punk-pop with catchy upbeat songs mixed with tongue in check lyrics. The band's play on words in their opening song, "The Littlest League Possible" is shown when they croon on about Midwestern manners.

Based in Brooklyn but raised in Louisville, Dawn Landes has been writing songs most of her life, so she was no amateur when it came to writing songs of her own. Landes' fifth studio album, Bluebird, was produced in collaboration with Thomas Bartlett and Norah Jones. It's her answer to her ex-husband, Josh Ritter's divorce record. She reveals an intimate vibe with honest lyrics.

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