Monsignor Harold Waldow will Continue to Serve Community

"We're going to miss him terribly. He's just been a tremendous advocate for the school and the parish," explains Katy Engler, a parent at St. Mary's Catholic School. 

After being with the Catholic Church for nearly 50 years, Monsignor Harold Waldow's now answering a different calling. 

"I'm going to work for Food for the Poor and volunteer with the downtown women's center and help with St. Anthony's hospice," explains Monsignor.

Monsignor Waldow started his journey early on in the Panhandle. 

"47 years ago I was a student for the priesthood in Milwaukee and I really wanted to come to a missionary territory and there was a retired Monsignor that found out I anted to go to a missionary diocese and he put my name in front of the bishop at the time. He called and I made the trip down and I stayed. I've been all over the Panhandle starting in Lubbock and down in Tulia and Nazareth, and St. Lawrence Cathedral. I'm probably the only Pastor of the Cathedral who's been the who has been pastor two times in two different churches in one and the same Diocese," explains Monsignor Waldow. 

One of the Monsignor's favorite moments is being able to interact with the children of St. Mary's School. 

"It's a wonderful parish, beautiful children, and the school functions are great. Everything a church should be; this is it," states Monsignor.  
Blessing of the animals is just on of the many events that Monsignor Waldow enjoys.
"It's a beautiful tradition and the kids love bringing their pets out and having a couple of the teachers do a couple a readings and then Monsignor will bless the animals and the kids sing a beautiful song that they all participate in. It's his last time out here. It's very heart warming, touching and happy and sad all at the same time," explains Katy. 

Fourth grade teacher, Geri Russell, explains her favorite moment, "My favorite moment with Monsignor is sharing time with him in mass when he shares his soul, his spirit, and his life with the children. Also, spending time with him when he comes to the cafeteria to be with the children. He calls them his little squirrels because they have lots of energy, they're a little bit nutty sometimes but they're very dear to him and that's something special. Monsignor has been an awesome leader for St. Mary's. He will be truly missed."

"We're going to miss Monsignor Waldo very much," says Katy. 

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