Maverick's Amazing Race: The Firehose Challenge

Maverick Boys & Girls Club is celebrating 80 years with a race! Maverick's Amazing Race is a fundraising event supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Amarillo. It will take you and your partner through Amarillo completing a variety of challenges that are designed to be physical, mental and just plain silly like, Potter County Sheriffs obstacle course, Amarillo Venom's football throw or Amarillo Fire Departments' fire hose challenge. So grab your husband, wife, brother, sister, best friend or co-worker and sign-up today. Registration is open now and the cost is $50 per team. Teams raising a minimum of $300 will be eligible for special time considerations. Teams raising $1500 will be eligible to skip a challenge. First place winner gets $1500, 2nd place winner gets $750 and 3rd place winner gets $500. For more information or to register please log on to

Maverick's AMAZING Race
- June 14th 
- 9 a.m.
- $50 / Team

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