Lose Inches in Minutes

New UltraSlim Advanced Photonic System
- Uses infrared light to stimulate fat release from cells
- New Ultraslim system available exclusively at Amarillo Laser Like Lipo has patents pending in 62 countries takes this technology and puts it on steroids.
- GUARANTEES 2 inches lost in just 32 minutes!
- Study showed 997 out of 1000 lost at least 2 inches with over 1/3 losing over 4 inches and some losing as many as 10 inches in one visit!
- Also have Exclusive treatments on the Cellulizer using green light technology which absolutely transforms that ugly cottage cheese looking skin to smooth.
- Exclusive facial Rejuvenation program available that takes 10 years off your face.

West Texas Wellness Center
1934 Civic Circle
(806) 352-1500

Special for viewers - Free Consultation and ½ off first session just to see how good it works!

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