Local High School Heads Up Fundraiser for High Plains Food Bank

"We came back from Christmas break and Mrs. Blakenship brought in a bag of soap and said here's an idea, who wants to head it up?" Randall High School senior, Trisha Giromini, took on the soap fundraiser because personal items like soap and shampoo get chosen first from the High Plains Food Bank.

"At first we didn't have very much soap, very much feedback but with the occasional help from teachers giving the incentive, it was getting people to want to donate soap. we got toothpaste and a lot of lotion. Really we just started out with an anouncement saying this is the problem can you help us." 

"I know it's had an impact on the kids in this room. I also know that it's had an impact on those that gave the soap. One of the thing we had the kids do when they gave the soap is take a selfie and we're going to put some of those on the announcements, we put them on Instagram, we put them on our KRAD Twitter so we generated interest that way and it gave them pride in giving," says 
Jeannine Blankenship, Broadcast Journalism teacher at Randall High School.

The interest in giving back has, in turn, given the journalism students a story for this year's UIL documentary contest.  
"Let's try to create a sense of helping your neighbor and see if we can give it enough of a dramatic story arc that we can make it a good film to submit to UIL as well."

"I had good ideas for the documentary and how we could run it but at the same time I had good ideas on how to get the school involved and how we could get involved."

A fundraiser that started at a school, but is now changing the way Randall High students think about things they might take for granted. 

"I love being able to get involved and to put myself out there, but also to try and get other people to put themselves out there as well."

Soap is Dope Fundraiser

- Randall High School
- Now to February 14th 

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