Kristi Barber: Surviving Cancer

"For me early detection was the key and if we would've waited another year the oncologist tells me that my outcome would've not been good," states cancer survivor and Science teacher at Caprock High School. 

Kristi Barber thought she was cancer free a year and half ago, but when it came time for a routine mammogram, she found out she had cancer. 

"About 18 months ago the mobile Harrington Cancer unit came to Caprock High School. AISD partners with them and they come around to different campuses to make it more convenient for the staff to get mammograms and I had a mammogram at the cancer mobile unit about 18 months ago and it came back positive."

Kristi was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer. 

"I was setup to have surgery and when we set up the MRI to do surgery, they discovered I had cancer in my other breast as well. I ended up having bi-lateral cancer and both of them were two different kinds of cancer. One was a positive, one was a negative. I ended up having to be treated for both types of cancer. I did chemo, radiation and more chemo."

She credits her 15 month battle to encouragement and support from family, friends and the students at Caprock High School.

"The students and the staff at Caprock were phenomenal. The students made me shirts and caps to cover my bald head and made me banners to hang in my room." 

The students at Caprock were so inspired ,that they decided to give back.

"We raised over a $1000 in three days to give to the Harrington Cancer center to help with women who don't have enough funds to pay for a mammogram. For us it's about raising awareness. If somebody sees you wearing pink during the month of October and that reminds them to go get a mammogram or to do a self breast check. You know that's great because early detection is the key."

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