Kids in Business Grows Young Entrepreneurs

Morgan's business is called Metal Petal and talks about how he came up with the idea. 

Maci's business is Maci Mouse Design -- she does glitter airbrush tattoos. She will also be selling gluten-free snacks and talks about how she came up with her business.

This year there are 29 businesses. They include hair bows, handmade jewelry, cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, popcorn, glitter tattoos, duct tape items, nachos, parachord items, handmade scarves, cotton candy, finger puppets, beef jerkey and homemade dog treats. 

From Westgate Mall:
Westgate Mall, will host young entrepreneurs during its annual Kids In Business day this Saturday, July 19th from 1 to 5:30 p.m.

Young people between the ages of 6 and 15 will set up their own stores in Westgate Malls Center Court to learn about business, make money, and most of all: have FUN. In addition to running their businesses, the young entrepreneurs will also participate in an awards ceremony at the close of the Kids In Business day. Awards will be presented for a number of categories including Original Business Concept, Creative Marketing or Sales Promotion, Implementation of Store Design, Outstanding Customer Service, and Favorite Overall Business. The winners will be determined by a peer vote by each Kids In Business merchant!

We encourage creativity and uniqueness in their products and  salesmanship and professionalism in running their businesses, said Abby Holcomb, Marketing Assistant at Westgate Mall, adding that Kids In Business participants can create something from scratch, offer a service, or sell a product bought from a wholesaler. Businesses are expected to have minimal parental involvement and products vary from homemade treats and handmade jewelry to airbrush tattoos and handmade bows. This year, shoppers will encounter an assortment of businesses offering parachord items and handmade scarves to items made from duct tape and handmade puppets. Storeowners keep all of their profits and they truly get to experience the joys and demands - and yes, even the occasional frustrations - of owning and running a business, Holcomb added.  

To qualify for the event, each participant was required to complete a business application and undergo a business proposal interview with Mall Management. During the interview process, many of these talented 6- to 15-year old businessmen and women mentioned that they are saving up for things like school clothes, a new bike, college tuition  and even a car.  Additionally, many of the Kids In Business participants plan to donate a portion of their earnings to their favorite charity or tithe to their church.  Upon approval, each business was asked to attend a group orientation meeting where they received a free t-shirt and a KIB survival kit.  

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