Kid-Friendly Technology

If you're one of those parents who is unsure about the whole tech craze and how it relates to your kids, Jay Gurley from the Geek Squad has some great kid-friendly gadgets to share 

Kid-Friendly Gadgets You Can Find at Best Buy:
GOPRO starts at $199 and is perfect for outdoorsy kids who want HD video of their endeavors (when theyre biking/hiking/out and about).

Bluetooth speakers start at $99 and others at $199 and are perfect for hanging out in the backyard with friends.

Bluetooth headphones start at $69 -- kids can take their phone calls on the go and listen to music without having to deal with wires.
Tablets start around $150. Samsung has a version with built-in "Kids Mode" to make it easy on parents and give them peace of mind.

Anki-DRIVE are R/C cars controlled by smartphones - a great way to combine an old style game with new-age devices.

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