Kayla's Last-Minute Valentine's Gift Ideas

- Still need to get something for Valentine's Day and are totally out of ideas?  Here are some of Kayla's favorite ideas for a fun Valentine's Day.

Bird Ave. prints are a unique way to preserve a memory. All of the prints are printed after they're ordered, so they are 100% designed for you. They have city prints from the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.  There are sports prints, college, football and hockey.  They also have prints for children's, music, quotes and lifestyle.

You've heard of Birchbox, now there's The SpiceBox This one is a bit more, spicy-- shall we say.  It's a discreetly packaged box of products designed to spice up things in your relationship.  They run $26 a month to $34.95 a month
Let your Valentine start his day with a little Vitamin C and a reminder of how much he means to you with this Valentine, You're My Main Squeeze

Are you thinking of your Valentine's health this year?  Skip the chocolate and go with these cute Red Hot Treats

While couples are finalizing plans, what are the other 100 million + singles in the US doing to celebrate? Rather than posting passive aggressive ecards to social networks, or wallow in failed relationships past, we thought you would be interested in this new game that is sure to spice up any Singles Awareness Day party!
Snout A Pig is the newest sensation for all single gals and guys this Valentine's Day by providing a safe, therapeutic and above all, FUN way to get the sweet satisfaction of revenge - without any of the carnage! Perfect for a gathering of your closest single friends, Snout A Pig allows you to roast those piggish ex-lovers using included captions describing their crime. Each game comes with a Hamhock the Pig Board for pinning, snout pins and 1st player ribbons. Just provide the photos of your offenders and grab your friends!  What's more, Snout a Pig offers tips on how to throw the perfect Anti-Valentines Day event, including recipes for Piggy Cocktails, Oink Doeuvres and Slop (dinner).

Wear your heart on your tee with this cheeky Valentine's Day tee from Victoria's Secret PINK. Bling graphics and a slouchy fit make it a sparkly standout.  If you head over to your local Victoria's Secret, you can get a free box of truffles with any $75 purchase (while supplies last).

Kayla Zadel is a Studio 4 contributor and associate producer.

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