J.K. Simmons & DJ Nash Talk "Growing Up Fisher"

NBC's hit comedy, Growing Up Fisher, follows the coming of age story of a recently divorced couple. The husband, Mel (J.K. Simmons), just happens to be blind--a secret he's been keeping under wraps for quite some time.

The show's star J.K. Simmons and show's creator D.J. Nash talk about tonight's new episode, First Time's the Charm. 

You can catch Growing Up Fisher Tuesdays at 8:30 CST on KAMR NBC 4. 

About Tonight's Episode:
Joyce (Jenna Elfman) finds out Katie (Ava Deluca-Verley) has big plans for after the Spring Formal with her boyfriend, Anthony (guest star Logan Miller). In order to confirm what she thinks, however, Joyce has to promise Katie she'll keep her secret from Mel (J.K. Simmons). Meanwhile, Mel has one final chance to have a successful first date with Allison (guest star Contance Zimmer) and has promised to make her dinner. The only problem is that he has no clue how to cook. With both parents distracted, Runyen (Lance Lim) points out that Henry (Eli Baker) can get away with anything and should milk it for all its worth. Voice-over by Jason Bateman. Matt Glave, Erik King and Tom Fonss also guest star.

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