Ideal Gifts for Every Budget

With only weeks to go, the pressure is on to find the perfect presents for family and friends all while navigating the holiday madness.  Its easy to get seduced by all the decorations, music, deals and steals not to mention the delicious smells in every store and street.  It can get overwhelming and stressful, but with a few easy tricks you can stay on track all while getting gifts that can impress and delight anyone of your loved ones.  

·        Make a list and check it twice--Make a list and check it twice isn't only for Santa!  We tend to stay on track and spend within our budget if we write the names and maximum amounts we're willing to spend on each person on our list.

·        Think outside the gift wrapping--Think outside the box items like a salsa lesson, cooking class or rock climbing class are terrific, "different" gifts the person on your list might not necessarily do for themselves.

·        Gift cards are great--You may think you don't want to give one because the giftee will think you're an afterthought, but the truth is, most of us love gift cards, no matter the denomination. A really great way to stick to your budget, too!

·        Themes are thoughtful--Buy a pretty gift basket at the dollar store and stock it with spa items, movie tickets and popcorn, barbecue sauce, tongs and cloth napkins, etc. An inexpensive way to make a big impression

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