How Does Your Lawn Grow? Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your Turf

- When choosing a grass species, residents need to consider the water requirement, shade tolerance, traffic tolerance and fertility requirement.

Water: Evaluate your irrigation systems performance. Lawn irrigation should be based on irrigation depth rather than length of time. It is very simple to do this with small tuna can and ruler. Measure the irrigation depth over a recorded time interval. It is important to know the grass species that you will be watering. This will give your insight into the water requirement. Most importantly, if it rains, do not water. If you have an automatic irrigation system, a rain sensor is a great option. If the system senses precipitation, it will not turn on.

Shade: Fescue is a very shade tolerant turf because it is a cool species grass. Bermuda is relatively shade tolerant while buffalo is not shade tolerant.

Traffic tolerance: If you have pets and active kids, Bermuda is an ideal choice because it is very tolerant of traffic. Fescue and buffalo are noted for moderate traffic tolerance.

Fertility requirement: Both fescue and Bermuda have a fairly high fertility requirement. Buffalo is low. 

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