HHP: Kids Inc.

Kids Inc. has been a part of the youth sports industry for 73 years.

Through sports, children can learn skills such as discipline, how to follow directions, and how to interact with others. Kids Inc. works to make sure children in our area learn those skills while having fun. 

Thousands of area kids lace up their shoes and put on their jerseys to play sports in the Panhandle. 

"At the end of the day, we're a recreational based program. We're not the NFL, we're not the NBA, we are a youth sports program and we try to keep that into perspective," Jimmy Lackey, President and CEO of Kids Inc. said. 

Kids Inc. has been a part of the youth sports industry for 73 years. Being in the business that long means things have changed since the beginning.  

"It's our job is to make sure that we stay on the cutting edge and stay away from that stagnicity that comes with being 73 years old," Lackey explained. 

With all of their sports programs combined, there are over 5,000 games played per year. Lackey explained it takes his great staff to keep everything running. "It's a lot of organization that goes in behind that to make sure mom and dad and grandmother and granddad and aunts and uncles know how to get to where that kid is playing."

Kids Inc. has expanded to Elk City, Oklahoma and to Hereford Sports and Wellness

Whatever the sport, the goal is all the same. "Most importantly, if kids aren't having fun, why are you doing this? It should be fun for kids," Lackey said. 

Currently, registration is open for track and tennis. Spring Recreational Indoor Soccer starts on March 19.  You can register online

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