Have a Senior? Here Are Some Great Tips for Photos

As school starts back, some of you out there might want to document the final year of your child's government-required education. So, we've got some advice from the Adair Photography girls on what makes a great senior picture. 

There are definitely special times in your child's life where photos are so important, newborn, their wedding day but don't forget senior photos. Your child is only graduating once and this is a special time to capture them as they are changing from a child to an adult.

- Although you are required to take the generic yearbook photos, you are not required to do anything with them, or even purchase them. 
- Document this life event with personality and uniqueness to each senior.
- In each session they include props that represent each seniors talents, hobbies, sports and personality, and we choose locations to match their individuality! 
- Custom graduation announcements or invitations and even portraits to hang in your house will be creative and unique to you. 
- Seniors are so much fun, natural, exciting capture seniors as they are as individuals. 

Senior Photo Tips
- Hire a Professional
- Use Props That Show Talents
- Bring a Variety of Clothes
- Choose a Classic Outfit
- Choose a Trendy Outfit
- Choose Something You Adore

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