Hats off to the Kentucky Derby

It's the iconic style staple of any Kentucky Derby viewing party-- the perfect hat. According to the 2013 Accessories Census, compiled by Accessories Magazine, women's hats and caps saw a 16% increase in sales last year. That drove the category to an estimated $300 million in retail sales. That's big business no matter who wins the race. We took a look at the hat, and gave you some suggestions on which one you should pick up before Saturday's festivities. Stacey Ovalle, from Dillard's, show us some beautiful ideas.

What Constitutes a Derby Hat?
- Big colorful hats with ribbons, feathers, bows, flowers and silk. 

- Popular hats can run $300 to $500 and up to $2000.

- Women wear the hats to show wealth and class. It's become a vehicle of self expression, as well. Some people think it brings luck. Ultimately, though, the race comes once a year-- so you've got to go all out.

- The most extravagant and elaborate hats are found on Millionaire's Row. Those are the box seats for the rich and famous.  

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